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Diego Calderon Economist Warwick IMF


I am an Economist (EP) at the Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund.

I am a macroeconomist interested in macroeconomic theory, international economics, and dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models. My work focuses on the theory and application of multiple equilibria in macroeconomics. My research emphasizes the importance of beliefs as an independent driver of macroeconomic outcomes.

In my job market paper, I study an open economy general equilibrium model where transitory shocks can generate permanent effects on economic welfare in the presence of self-fulfilling beliefs.

I completed my PhD in Economics from the University of Warwick. Prior to coming to Warwick, I received an MSc in Economic Analysis and a BA in Economics from the University of Chile.

Research Fields:
Macroeconomics, International Economics, Economic Theory.


Working Papers

  • "Self-fulfilling Beliefs, Terms-of-trade Dynamics, and Economic Welfare" (Job Market Paper)

  • “Keynesian Search during the U.S. Great Depression” (with Roger E.A. Farmer). PDF

Work in Progress

  • “Macroprudential Policy under Persistent Stagnation” (with Marc Hinterscheweiger)



University of Warwick

-  Teaching assistant

University of Chile (UG)

-  Teaching assistant

  • Development Economics (Fall, 2013, 2014). Professor Jorge Katz.

  • Development Economics (Spring, 2013). Professors Roberto Alvarez and Claudia Martínez.

  • Economic Policy (Spring, 2013). Professor Guillermo Larraín.

  • Economic Policy (Fall, 2012, 2013). Professor Joseph Ramos.

  • Welfare Economics (Fall, 2013). Professors Javier Núnez and Graciela Pérez.

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